Florence (IT)

General context

The Florence Pilot site is included in the area covered by Metropolitan Florence Authority (“Città Metropolitana”) and it consists of two different contexts; the first one is a suburban area in the north-west of Florence. In this area, the Pilot will be focused on two conventional PT lines (no. 30 and 35, characterised by a large presence of migrants and low income residents) that connect the centre of Florence with the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio along two different directions; the second one is the rural area of San Piero a Sieve, located in the centre of Mugello area, on the northern boundaries of the metropolitan conurbation.

Activities in INCLUSION

In order to improve the inclusion and integration of the vulnerable end-users (i.e. migrants and low income), Busitalia will develop a collaborative co-design path to identify and solve together with the users some critical issues of access and use of public transport concerning the bus lines 30 and 35. This will be done through a specific participatory processes. With the involvement of local government, voluntary and user’s associations and cooperatives, Busitalia will organise specific focus groups for listening to the specific needs of the target users and developing new proposals for improving the users information.

As regards the S. Piero a Sieve Municipality and the surrounding rural areas, the Pilot will install user information panels in order to improve the quality of the user information and the affordability of the service and consequently reduce the dependency from the private car and in particular the times of reaching of the chief town and the connection with it.

In parallel, Busitalia will be enhancing the existing APP Ataf 2.0: new functionalities for user’s feedback and service assessment will be introduced, tested and validated on the two bus lines and on the lines connecting the S. Piero a Sieve area with the main public transport hub. Busitalia will coordinate all local activities for the pilot setup and operation. ATAF, the operator managing the public transport system in the entire Florence Metropolitan area and a third party of Busitalia, will be in charge of the implementation of Florence pilot lab activities planned in INCLUSION. These set of measures will contribute on one hand to improve the accessibility of the rural area of San Piero, on the other on identifying strategies and solutions for achieving the social inclusion of the end-users and for improving the mobility experience the vulnerable users.