Barcelona (ES)

General context

The area of the pilot is the peri-urban area of Barcelona conurbation. The target users groups are commuters (74% of the total trips in the area) and leisure travelers (moving as individuals or small groups, to reach common destinations in case of public events (e.g. concerts, football matches, natural excursions, etc.). The addressed target groups of the pilot in Barcelona include either (1) regular commuters in peri-urban areas or (2) leisure travelers attending events in areas with low traditional PT (i.e. music festivals, football matches, field trips, etc.). The main goal is to be able to offer them an alternative mode of transport that is more affordable and sustainable than a car.

Activities in INCLUSION

The focus of Barcelona Pilot Lab will be on lowering territorial accessibility barriers in the conurbation in the occasion of public events, due to poor or inflexible transport offer. Target users groups will be vulnerable users’ categories such as young people, teen-agers and people with no access to own mobility solutions, as well as the general public suffering from transport accessibility obstacles for the above mentioned reasons. The objectives of the Pilot Lab will be to explore the use of innovative data analytics tools able to process social network data in order to detect users preferences
by segments and discover common mobility interests of segment groups, re-organise dynamically the transport offer according to detected demand patters, assess the level of acceptance of more adapted, smart mobility solutions for specific user groups of commuters and/or travellers to specific events, to define digital and social communication strategy to be realized on the web and social media.

This Pilot Lab aims to identify the real transport demand of one of the targeted groups, through information mining from social networks. The goal is to identify and quantify the real bus transport demand well in advance, so as to be able to launch and offer routes that better meet their needs.BusUp – the Spanish Start-up company involved in the Barcelona pilot lab together with MOSAIC -  aims to improve the on-demand bus service offering and increase the number of passengers served. By doing so, BusUp expects to be able to offer an alternative, more affordable and sustainable solution to the groups of users whose current transport alternative is the car.