Cairngorms National Park (UK)

General context

The pilot will focus on improving accessibility to PT both for residents and tourists. A number of vulnerable groups have been identified, namely: elderly people / persons of reduced mobility, local residents who suffer from fuel poverty due to high rural fuel costs and young people who face the challenge of not having access to their own mobility solution, inhabitants in dispersed settlements. Only 3% of visitors use public transport for mobility.

Activities in INCLUSION

The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) involved in the pilot labs activities will focus on the delivery of integrated, multi-modal transport solutions, working with both public and private sector partners to deliver a Regional Transport Strategy.
The key objectives of the Pilot Lab will be: integration of lift sharing scheme or car club with public transport; improvement of multimodal travel information; experimentation of Mobility as a Service solutions for payment for these services; investigate and address governance issues related to mobility management which could enable the exploration of new business concepts.



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