INCLUSION has defined at least eight core objectives: 

  • Investigate and understand the main characteristics of prioritised areas as well as the relevant factors that influence mobility and accessibility.
  • Identify the user and social groups most exposed to transport accessibility issues and inequality in the different type of areas and undertake a comprehensive analysis of their mobility requirements.
  • Understand how ICT tools, service and social innovation can help individuals to cope with accessibility issues and improve or increase inclusivity and transport equity for the concerned user groups.
  • Identify and critically assess existing innovative, efficient, affordable, inclusive, equitable and economically viable forms of public transport, with a particular focus on the use of ICT applications and on transferability potentials for both the prioritised areas and social groups.
  • Undertake experimental validation of innovative elements and ideas aimed to enhance transport accessibility in selected prioritised areas and transport environments for the concerned vulnerable users. 
  • Undertake a quantitative assessment of the impacts and a qualitative process evaluation in selected innovative transport solutions validated in the INCLUSION experimental sites.
  • Investigate, develop and consolidate business concepts and models related to the assessed accessible transport options with the aim of transferring these findings to other European contexts
  • Disseminate and promote the identified innovations, transferable solutions and recommendations with the aim of fostering the adoption of accessible, inclusive and equitable mobility solutions for European prioritised areas and vulnerable user groups

The project expects to understand the main transport challenges in different types of prioritised areas; to provide an in-depth examination of ten innovative public transport approaches and a wider catalogue of at least forty case studies of accessible, inclusive and equitable transport solutions; to deliver a set of recommendations and mobility solutions for vulnerable users’ communities.