Flanders region (BE)

General context

The pilot will focus on improving accessibility to public transport in the rural areas of Flanders, enhancing the provision of innovative and cost-effective combined transport scheme based on the integration of conventional bus public transport (as a backbone) with car-pooling, shared and on-demand services (for the last mile and door-to-door trips).

Activities in INCLUSION

The pilot objectives will be: to increase the cost efficiency of the operation of the public transport services by demonstrating in rural environment the roll up of a multimodal mobile application for drivers, extending the current target users (mainly focused on elderly and mobility impaired people) involving other vulnerable user categories, such as the youngsters and teen-agers, to reach a critical mass of users. These objective try to provide an answer to the main identified drawbacks of current public transport services, which have to face the absence of effective door-to-door public transport solutions, the inefficiencies in the operation of the services both for dispatching procedures and drivers, and the limitation of target users volumes, which prevent to reach a critical mass.

More specifically, in the Pilot Lab, the project’s partner Taxistop will aim at: (a) introducing a multimodal app also for rural areas; (b) achieving better integration among public transport, carpooling and on-demand transport, offered as one package for an expanded target group; (3) enabling improved multimodal journey capabilities, by combining shared mobility and public transport for one journey, with public transport as the backbone of the system and shared mobility as door-to-door solution.



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